Windows 7 External drive file structure


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My external drive on F: is a Seagate Goflex. A list of folders contain my backups but when I right click on a folder the drop down window does not contain "New" so I can not create subfolders. But when I right click on an empty space, the drop down window has New and I can create and rename new folders but only in the 1st level. What is the hierarchy on the drive, just one level of folders? On the main HD a tree can be developed, not on the external drive? Please advise, thank you
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You need to open the folder where you want to create the subfolder. That should work.
Thanks Titanic. It doesn't. As a matter of fact, quite often, when I right click on a folder, Explorer stops working (warning drop down) and restarts Explorer.
When you say "backups", do you mean special folders created for that reason, or just folders you created and added whatever files you wanted?

Explorer must be encountering something that causes it problems. Perhaps due to that specific drive and/or some proprietary software installed on the drive, or even some type of corruption.

What you are seeing is not normal for an external drive, so perhaps the drive's software may need to be updated. What type of partitions do you have on the drive. Any chance you could get a snipping tool picture of your Disk Management windows and attach using the Upload File option?