Failure Installing KB2556532

Get an error code 8007371B when attempting to install this update. Tried the Microsoft FIXIT in both Simple and Advanced Mode. No luck! Also tried downloading the update and installing manually with no success! Anybody else run into this and what did you do to install it?? Thanks....Bobby


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How long have you been trying to install it? I just tried and the first time I got an error but later it worked, after I had installed everything but the 5 Security Updates...

The error code seems to be saying part of the update is not present, and it does come bundled with 2 sections. The fact you downloaded it directly should have helped, unless something was missing that needed to be installed first.

Give it some time and check later. The .Net updates took quite a while to install on my system. But you do show a KB2563227 (Update for Windows 7 x64 based Systems)? Maybe it is needed prior to the other install, but not sure. If you don't have x64, it might be the same on the 32 bit version.

Just tried to install since the first day it was available (yesterday 8/9/11). Tried SEVERAL times and also, as I said, downloaded the file and STILL didn't help! All the other updates worked well and I got everything on my other Win 7 and Vista machines so something is germain to this machine. Any thoughts????


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You have already tried the Fixit, which does most of the things we can recommend. All I might do is try to look at your WindowsUpdate.log (C:\Windows) and ReportingEvents.log (C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution) to see if anything sticks out.

If you can, copy the last couple of days worth of entries of each and attach as a text files, using the paperclip. The WindowsUpdate.log may have to be copied to the desktop to open.

Checked both files and the main feature is the error code "0X8007371B". Is this a generic error code or does it actually tell us what the issue is??


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You seem to feel there is something about that one machine that is different from the others. Have you compared the machines for software, such as anti-virus. The update seems to address a certain type of user that might be able to compromise the system. Are your user settings the same for all machines.

The error 8007371b seems to be:
One or more required members of the transaction are not present.
The update contains 10 packages. On my system, packages 2,3 and 9 were installed. There is a possibility something is missing or wrong with your packages or the ability to access them is restricted.

The Side by Side (sxs) reference may be involved. There have been some postings lately about SxS errors but all I can do is give you this link to a college site and let you see if anything makes sense.

If you want to send me the files mentioned, in their entirety, plus the CBS.log in the Windows\Logs\CBS, you might be able to do that in a private message, or I can pass a e-mail address. If you do so, I cannot guarantee I will find the problem, but it won't hurt to look. Probably not a good idea to attach a large text file such as these might be.

Beyond this, I don't know what else to suggest. The fix you did will rename the SoftwareDistribution folder and perhaps a .cab file. If you have not run the System Update Readiness tool, you might look at it. The fact the other updates worked and this one does not, would seem to indicate something broke on your system, or this specific update is having some type of conflict with your one system.

I can send any files requested when supplied with an email address. Let me know and I will send them. As for the systems, there are different software and hardware so it is not viable to compare them. The problem system has Microsoft Security Essentials on it and the system that works has another anti-malware package. I will see if the problem update was picked up on the good system tomorrow, just for grins! Thanks....Bobby


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Couple of quick questions. Are you using Win 7 Ultimate? I ask because your KB2556532 only shows 1 bundled update {619F4....}, where my 32 and 64 bit Ultimate versions show 2. I was thinking possibly it was language related, but not sure. I have no way to confirm how many updates are bundled with that KB, but could you check your other machines?

In the WindowsUpdate.log. search for that KB then look below it for a phrase Bundles 2 updates: or Bundles 1 update: I like to put the log files in a program I can mark like Wordpad or Notepad ++ and turn off word wrap, but notepad will do for this check.

Since that update supersedes KB2534366, could you check your Installed Updates (not update history) and check for it. It should be in the Microsoft Windows Section. The reason your files do not show it may be that the Fixit you applied restarted some logs and removed some of the old data.

Your system has been having some problems for a while and was not able to synchronize some of the update data. It seems to have recovered, but I am still checking on that. Your update was scheduled to install again today and showed everything downloaded and ready, but the prior attempts have gotten the error, maybe today will be different.

It may take a couple of days to sift through these logs. The CBS.log might help, not sure.

I am using Win 7 Home Premium and in English. There was only one update on my other machine also using Home Premium. I'll have to check later for other Updates. Let me know what you think.....Bobby


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The next step for me seems to be checking the Checksur.log which may be in the Windows\Logs\CBS directory. You may need to run Checksur.exe prior to a log being produced.

I think you already have the KB downloaded and installed, so you might check for it by trying to run Checksur.exe, but if not, check this Microsoft site and download and run the utility. Then attach the resulting Checksur.log.

It may show if there is a problem with corruption. An explanation of the log and how it might be used to help is here.

It appears from you WindowsUpdate.log that later updates will not be installed as long as it is trying to install the problem one. This may just refer to Security updates such as the one mentioned.

Used the System Readiness Tool, rebooted and then tried the update again. Failed with same error which tells me absolutely nothing! Any ideas???


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I need to see the log....

If you don't do anything else, you might try hiding the update to keep it from downloading and trying to install again. But you are still having problem when your system tries to verify the update status or access the folder containing the downloaded update...

Also, even though I think the Fixit did this already, you might try renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder and allow it to be rebuilt. There appears to be corruption somewhere in your system.

If we are talking about the same log (please give me a log file name) all it gives is the error. I have already hidden the update but will rename the folder and see if that helps. If not I may not bother anymore as it has already taken enough of everyone's time.


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The update readiness utility writes a log to the Windows\Logs\CBS folder called Checksur.log. I need that one to see if there were any errors repaired, or any that could not be repaired.

Other than my last suggestions, if the log shows no errors, I am out of any ideas for now.


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Sorry I haven't been able to figure out your problem, but I would like to bring up some points just in case.

I have searched your Update log for any Windows Security updates and can only find the one with the error. This might be because you restarted the log during the fixit process and the prior ones do not show, or you are not getting the security updates.

The problematic update concerns a denial of service attack with reference to Remote Desktop. There is always a chance the update is not working because something is intentionally blocking it. Perhaps a good run with an anti-virus might see something, but it would be a very good idea to make sure the Security updates are being implemented. Since you have other systems, you can check against those. The Update history will show "Security Update for Microsoft Windows" so hopefully the other ones are still installing. If not, try hiding KB2556532 and see if those updates resume.

Had this same issue with one of my machines. It appears two NET Framework updates and a Windows 7 update were not installing. Oddly they are all running the same version of Windows (32-bit 86x), but this isn't something new for me on this particular machine. I generally find I need to install the updates manually, one by one restarting after each completes, and perhaps in a particular order.

For me, the fix was just to click on the "More info" link that appears in Windows Update when your install fails and manually update. I started with one of the NET Framework updates. Reboot and then just refresh Windows Update a few times. Very odd.

This is a look at my ReportingEvents.log
{37EA0E84-003B-4E8C-9A44-B3CB7A870D94} 2011-08-14 01:02:23:274-0400 1 182 101 {3B123BCE-0562-45B4-834D-74EB1352D508} 102 80070643 AutomaticUpdates Failure Content Install Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070643: Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 x86 (KB2468871).
{E7A50C17-CECA-4E20-B74F-08D210A0C9C5} 2011-08-14 01:03:00:623-0400 1 182 101 {B9AE51DE-0D68-4F66-8236-13494EEF0082} 100 80070643 AutomaticUpdates Failure Content Install Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80070643: Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 x86 (KB2533523).

I ran Windows Hotfix and then noticed this message... obviously I'm cutting off the rest.
Installation Successful: Windows successfully installed the following update: Hotfix for Windows (KB947821)
(I then Rebooted)
Windows Update Client successfully detected 3 updates. (closed out Windows Update)
Windows Update Client successfully detected 3 updates. (closed out Windows Update again)
Windows Update Client successfully detected 2 updates. (Came back in and one of the updates was gone)...

basically rinse and repeat. Again, all I was doing was selecting "More info" link that appears in Windows Update when your install fails and manually download and install. Make sure you reboot after each individual install.

Sounds like this isn't going to help the original poster but I hope someone else.

I am have Windows 7 Ultimate.... I have Auto update.... Since 8/10/2011 All updates Fails ...
Starting from ...
1. KB2539636
2. KB2567680
3. KB2559049
4. KB2562937
5. KB2563894
6. KB2539635
7. KB2536276
8. KB2566532
9. KB2563227
..................... All of these Failed On starting 8-10-2011 almost 7 times

10. KB2466871
11. KB2536276
12. KB2556532
13. KB2553523
14. KB2563227... This one failed on 8-10-2011 too
............................... Above These Updates Failed 8-12-2011 more than 3 times

Basically since 8-10-2011 ... My ALL Auto Updates Fails...

How can I fix this.. ?
if anybody can help will appreciate I do not want to Reformat and reinstall every thing again.

I do not know very much Windows ... in and out..

Thanks In Advance...


I've "hidden" the failed update and will run a anti malware on the mahine just to se what I get. Doubt it will be an issue but you never know....if not I'll continue to lok into it while leaving it hidden if all else fails! Tried manually installing but got the same error message!!

I wrote a reply with a solution yesterday, but it does not seem to have made it to the forum yet. I believe there is a problem with the digital signatures of the two files. Windows Update checks for the signature and so the updates did not complete. When attempting to do a manual update (after downloading the file), the driver signature check that is enabled in a default W7 install prevented the update from completing.

Essentially the solution was based on disabling the signature check (CAUTION) for the manual install. Details are in the original reply. I would not be surprised if updated versions show up on Windows Update.

How do you disable the signatures for the update? Did not see your reply that has these instructions.

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