Windows 7 fallout 3 issues

im having some problems with fallout3
first i have to go in to the programs file and find it manual for some reason it didnt place a shortcut on my desktop or in my games

but the main problem is the game itself
i can get fallout to work but when im out in the open world i having lagging problems (i set my settings to low but i still get the same problem)
when i go into V.A.T.S my game crashes

i have nvidia GeForce 8600 GT
build 7000
i have the latest patch for fallout 3

Update: now the game crashes on me when i enter a building/house

please help

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Have you patched the game?
I had no issues running in on 7000 so it will run on win 7
And it does not place an icon on the the desktop you need to manually place one. find the exe file right click on it and select "send to desktop create shortcut"

yes i patched the game
i also tryed to copy the file to my desktop but it says there is error that it cant find a file but when i open it in the regular file no error

come on does any1 know how to fix my problem

It's your graphics card. Make sure you don't have AA turned to the highest setting, and make sure you don't have an extreme resolution set. I have seen others SLi these card, and still have to being on medium/low settings.

wats AA and where can i find it

Yeah, I get the crashing also, when using V.A.T.S. I have a Nvidia 9600GT card and never had this happen in Vista, and a lot of people say they've had no problems with the game, so I don't know what's causing it.

I had this issue running build 7022. I did a simple restart and ran the launcher as administrator and it worked fine again.(with the V.A.T.S. problem anyway). Also, I downloaded the new Nvidia Windows 7 beta drivers.

I had loads of problems with Fall out 3 too running a 9800GT on w7 7077 and in fact all the builds. I played around with drivers alot, trying both the vista x64 and w7 x64 ones. Couldn't really put my finger on the problem as sometimes it would crash when the pc was busy (it's quad core with 8GB of ram).

At the moment I'm running the RC x64 from the MS site, with FO3 downoaded using Steam on the Vista x64 182.50 drivers and havent crashed yet despite hours of play :)

I installed the Nvidia 185.81 drivers and it seems to have taken care of the V.A.T.S. crashing.

ok i lowered my aa but it still acts sluggish
when im out in the wasteland i freeze every couple of seconds it takes 1 minutes just to unfreeze

ok now i have a new problem and i have no idea what caused it

when i enter in a house/building i crash

i think the game hates me

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i think the game hates me
Mate Fallout 3 hates LIFE.

I kinda miss the crashes now they've stopped. They at least gave me good oppertunity to have a smoke and go to the toilet and generally get on with my life!

Game runs FLAWLESSLY until... ?

Watch your processor.

Okay, I've been having the same problems.

I'm running with 4 GB of RAM (3.68 whatever effective), since I'm running a 32 bit operating system.
Gigabyte nVidia 8800 GTX 768 MB vRAM.

I run dual monitor, so I get to play the game and monitor webpages, chat, etc. The game will run perfectly for a while, even running at 1920 x 1200 with 2x Anti Aliasing and medium to high settings (and I can move them higher with no significant drop in overall FPS). I also monitor my processor via Task Manager.

It seems to happen when I save or load a game, transition to a new area, alt-tab out, or changing video settings, then fallout3.exe starts SLAMMING my processor (100% CPU usage from 60%-80%) usage. When I alt-tab out, processor goes to 50% to 60% usage (one processor is working, the other processor is maxed out on fallout3.exe).

I think there's something wrong with how fallout.exe (or oblivion engine) is handling processor threads. It's like it's not terminating threads that need to be closed out, and they just start eating clock time. This is what appears to be causing the stuttering. It's just the processor is getting junked on.

As far as a fix? I've tried everything that I could find to do on the net. Altering the .ini files, dialing back video settings, etc. Personally, the only thing that I've found that works is saving my game, quitting to desktop, restarting Fallout 3, then reloading the game. If I do this, regardless of how high I set my video settings, the game runs FLAWLESSLY until saving/loading, fast traveling, etc.

Something is seriously FUBAR in how the executable is handling processor threads.


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The only issues I had with Fallout 3 were simply to do with Radio music being juttery (played fine on voices & fx though) which was cured by using Creative's ALchemy app which restored the Directsound functions properly

I play it almost everyday and have had no issues at all with the Game. I also play Ever Quest with no problems.


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ok i lowered my aa but it still acts sluggish
when im out in the wasteland i freeze every couple of seconds it takes 1 minutes just to unfreeze

ok now i have a new problem and i have no idea what caused it

when i enter in a house/building i crash

i think the game hates me
I think you've missed a crucial point, nvidia 8600 is a bottom end card so using AA on it is very silly without severe slowdowns, sure theres games that run fine on that card with AA on but Fallout 3 aint one of them.

I hawe error when i pushed continue or new game. It crashed after loading. I downloaded driwers for nvidia installed them and game worked !!! :eek: !!! Next day disame error, i instaled druvers again, and it worked. :eek:

So now i hawe to reinstal drivers every time after reboot :(

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