Fast selection of power plans

Running win7 home premium 64bit on laptop.
When I click on the power tray icon i can only choose from two power plans. How can i get the last power plan on that list?


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Not quite sure where you are clicking, but, hopefully, this is the answer?
Open the Control panel (icon view), and click Power options. This will take you to a further window where you have the option which you are seeking. You also have "advanced options" there

not exactly what i was looking for no.
the point is that i have 3 powerplans that i use on a regular basis. when i single click on the battery/power icon in the tray i can change between them fast without going into the controll panel where you described. But in the "fast selection" list i only get to choose between 2 power plans. so i wan't the third power plan to stick to that list.

1. Open the Start Menu, and type powercfg.cpl in the search box and press enter.
A) Go to step 3.

2. Open the Control Panel (All Items View).
A) Click on the Power Options icon.
3. To Create a Custom Power Plan -
A) Click on the Create a power plan link in the right pane. (See screenshot below)

B) Select (dot) a power plan that is closet to what you want for your custom power plan. (See screenshot below)

C) Type in a name for you custom power plan, and click on Next. (See screenshot above)

D) Choose how many minutes to wait for the Turn off display and Put the computer to sleep settings, or select never if you do not want to use that setting. (See screenshot below)

E) When finished, click on the Create button. (See screenshot above)

F) You will now see your custom power plan listed under the Preferred plans. (See screenshot below)

G ) Go to step 5.
4. To Delete a Custom Power Plan -
NOTE: You may not be able to delete a OEM custom power plan.
A) If the custom power plan that you wish to delete is selected (dotted), then select (dot) any other available power plan, then click on the Change plan settings link to the right of the custom power plane that you wish to delete. (See screenshot below)

B) Click on the Delete this plan link. (See screenshot below)

C) Click on OK to confirm the deletion. (See screenshot below)

5. Close the Power Options window. (See screenshot below step 3F or 4A)

6. You can now change the Advanced Power Plan Settings for this custom power plan if you like.


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Read the thread! I understood the same thing. It is not what the OP is wanting. He needs to single switch quickly between plans.
But I think he has the solution now, from mu second link, as he has not returned for three days.

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