Finally LAN works on X-64 (build 7048)

Hi guys
Just installed W7 X-64 build 7048 on a 4GB RAM laptop.

One of the major iirritants I had with w7 x-64 build 7000 was that I couldn't get the WIRED lan driver to work properly -- I always got "Limited Connectivity" Icon - even though windows didn't flag the driver as defective. (Wireless was OK as well as a USB==>LAN and a PCI express agere systems LAN connector card).

(I skipped build 7022 -- doesn't seem any point if the later version is already available).

I tried all the IPV6 and registry hacks but none worked. I know it's not a router problem as I tested this on 3 totally different routers - even a brand new one with the new 108 kbs wireless system as well. XP / XP 64 Bit worked fine. VISTA 64 bit and W7 64 bit failed. Device was VIA Velocity family ethernet adapter. (W7 X-32 worked OK BTW).

Anyway it's working fine now :razz:

Incidentally in Build 7048 (X-64) IE8 is no longer marked as IE8 RC1.

Looks like we are getting very near RC1 for W7 itself -- not sure how many more internal builds there will be but I have a sneaking feeling not many if any.

There's a few changes in build 7048 from cosmetic things like the start ICON -- I'm still playing with it so I need to experiment a bit.

Looking good so far apart from Windows Media Center STILL not giving me the option to specify a TV tuner card with a COMPOSITE (or even S-VHS) video input without a remote. You also still have to re-set up and tune all the TV chhannels again if you plug in another device -- come on Microsoft this stuff should be able to save the configuration of different TV cards - especially as a lot are USB / PCI express cards now.


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So, 7048 is real after all?

Shame, though, there's no 32-bit build just yet...

So, 7048 is real after all?

Shame, though, there's no 32-bit build just yet...
Actually that's quite funny as people were complaining about no X-64 build for 7022.

With build 7022 (x-32) there wasn't any Lan problem with the Lan card I have in the laptop (nor builsd 7000 either).

Build 7048 has been leaked all over the Internet -- if you want it (x-64) you shouldn't have any problems finding it.



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IE8 is no longer RC1 because it went RTM.
It's the final version you're seeing.

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