Probs on laptop with X-64 build 7068. Gone back to build 7048.

1) BIG BIG problem -- any time I try to connect to a WIRED LAN I get COMSURROGATE Error -- flashes too quick to capture it and then the network manager just shows the really helpful message "Unspecified error" - screen shot attached. I MUST have LAN so this is a Showstopper. Device manager shows network card driver is working fine.

2) If you do an IPCONFIG with wired LAN system loops -- never comes out of network manager until re-boot.

3) Wireless card -- works but gives very "jerky" screens when browsing the Internet (might also be due to graphics / chipset problem).

4) Wireless only shows 54 mbs when router is 108 mbs.

5) Random crashes with INTEL 965 chipset drivers.

6) WEI crashes at Video accelerator detection ( sure this is due to Intel chipset drivers).

I've had to revert back to build 7048 on the laptop.

(On a desktop 7068 X-64 works fine no probs encountered).

I probably could sort out the chipset drivers but the WIRED LAN problem is a 100% show stopper -- I MUST have a wired LAN connection working and can't always use USB / PCI express cards for this.


hm i had that same problem on my EliteBook 8530p with 7048 build, and u installed 7068 and it's working fine now... IMHO it's just beta bugs... and both of build work fine on my sisters HP Compaq 6830s...

Update on this.

Finally sorted the Intel Driver problem out on the laptop (used the Microsoft one from Windows Update WDDM 1.1 version).

Once this and the ICH8 and 82801/82802 PCI Bridge etc. were fixed build 7068 works fine now. Same with Wireless.
The Intel chipset seems to have been the problem. Don't know why but the MS stuff fixed it all. Now happily running build 7068 x-64 on the machine.

NOTE you have to do the update Manually -- from device manager etc. You can't do it via the normal Windows update program.


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