Folders are being displayed differently

So, this is hard for me to explain but:

After inserting data stick into usb drive and attempt to open it says "Application not found". After research I set my auto play settings back to default by hitting the reset button. I can now open my data stick. But it looks different. If you view the hard drive image below that is what it used to look like. If you view the data stick image that is what the data stick now looks like. I want it to look like the hard drive. I didn't install anything new. Any suggestions? Thanks.


I promise I worked hard on finding this but it seems like asking the question is always the magic ingredient. I found the answer to this silly question on google immediately after posting this. I would post the link but I can't because I am such a new member.

1. Open the folder
2. Mouse over view
3. Mouse over group by
4. Select "None"

Problem solved. Yes, laugh it up. I'm a n00b...


Noob Whisperer
Good work.
Glad you were able to resolve your issue.
Welcome to the forum and thanks for updating your thread with your solution.

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