Free Windows 7 Ultimate!

I just wanted to let those who signed up to host a Windows 7 Launch party know that they should check their inbox.. I checked mine last night and was a finalist in the contest.. I clicked on the link in the email and followed the directions and BAM I won! I am an official Windows 7 Launch party host..

Free signed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate here I come! ;)

Good luck to all those who applied.. :)


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Alright! I haven't heard anything yet.I guess I shouldn't have bought that case of vienna sausages just yet. :(


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Is it signed by Bamy "DEVELOPERSDEVELOPERSDEVELOPERS" Ballmer? lol

I'm not 100% sure yet, but I would assume it's him who signed it.. ;) I don't really care about the signature, I just like the fact that I'm getting a copy of Windows 7 that retails for $400 (after tax, in Canada) for free! :) I already ordered 2 copies of Win 7 Pro back when the pre-order deal was available but it will be nice to have a copy of Win 7 Ultimate..

Me Too!

I'm a finalist and get a free copy of Win 7 also, yippee, go 7!

I'm a finalist and get a free copy of Win 7 also, yippee, go 7!
Hello and Welcome to Windows 7 forums.. :)

Congratulations tammysu!! :)

Did you make sure to set up your party and invite the 10 guests? You have to make sure you do that in order to confirmed as an official Host.. It was confusing to me because I got an email saying that I was a finalist but that I had to perform another step which was to click the link in the email then set up my party and invite my 10 guests..

After I was done that I got another email that stated "Congratulations... You are a Windows 7 Launch Party Host!!". The first paragraph of this second email read: "Because you were among the first host finalists to set up your party online, you are confirmed as a host and will be receiving a free party package to share with your guests shortly before the party."


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Lol just occured to me that makes Microsoft's Windows 7 officially best FREE* OS...and blows Linux/Snow Leopard out the water hehehe suck it Mr.Jobs :D

* albiet to limited numbers of party hosts


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lol check this out

Sweet, free copy of Ultimate Radenight

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Congrats Bud!!

For anyone wondering when we (the party hosts) will receive our Windows 7 Launch Party Packs, they will be delivered by October 10th, 2009. These packs will include the free Signature Copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.. :) :)


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