Windows 7 Gadgets Display Problem


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May 19, 2009
Okay so I'm stumped! My gadgets were working fine for about a day after my installation of 7 and then out to the blue none of then are displaying correctly. I don't know if it maybe something I've done (though i don't see how considering I've not changed anything in the system other than the background and theme) or just a common problem but here is a screenshot of what I'm seeing.
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The top gadget is the clock, middle in cpu meter, and the bottom is weather.
This is the only problem I'm having with windows 7 so far, and it isn't necessary to have the gadgets but it is nice to have them! So a little help on this "problem" would be appreciated! Thanks ^_^

gadget grief

try changing your theme back for a minute to see if they display correctly. If not try closing and re-installing the gadgets. Good luck Ken

Was this a "clean" install or an upgrade?

Are you using the official RC from MS?

Have you updated your video drivers?

Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit edition?

In order to troubleshoot your problem we need to know more detailed specs of your system hardware.

Go to Start > Run, and type msinfo32. then expand the Components tree and choose a device
Go to Control Panel > Device Manager and look for any entry that has a yellow flag beside it.
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Please provide as much information as possible in computers specs in the User Control Panel

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