Windows 7 GAH! it says im connected to the internet but nothing goes online. please help ASAP.


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GAH! it says im connected to the internet but nothing goes online. has screens!

Im the big PC nerd but networking has always been my flaw since windows 98. so heres what happened

I had to do a manual uninstall of panda antivirus (not fun)
and the same day i was having wifi issues.
and now when im in windows 7 it connects to the internet and says its connected. but everything like FireFox and my IM programs (or anything that goes online) wont go online! i know im not banned from my router when i was trying to get my neighbors computer off it because when i boot into vista (same MAC same LAN IP) it connects no problems.

did i F*** something up in the internet connections? did i delete a internet driver or something? cause i know in onld win 98 you could mess up the homegroup settings or something and it wouldnt connect.

other notes: when in windows 7 neither my built in wifi card, my USB wifi card not my ethernet works.
so i know its not a hardware issue because vista works just fine (but its slow i want my fast 7 back)

side question: ive still got my build 7000 ISO can i reinstall (or repair) my instalation with it without formatting?

edit: heres screen shots ( is my router thats why i pinged it)
vista (notice how i advertise my deviantart page :p)
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Have you tried,first, looking up the Control Panel - Network and sharing centre. there are a couple of items there which might reestablish the connection. - "Set up a new connection or network or "Connect to a network." My personal preference,having tried it once in 7 and getting a surprise - It actually worked!, was the last one "Troubleshoot problems."
It looks very much as though Panda took a bit of the Router config with it. Maybe 7 lost the MAC?