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I had problems accessing the internet through laptop last evening. I noted that another network was active. When I went to Network and Sharing Center and clicked on network icon our home computers were shown but the other active network's gateway showed up. I was able to click on its properties and see its mac address etc. I called my provider and their tech section is looking into it. I have an admin password and running encryptation with a password key on my 2 wrie gateway. Does anyone have an idea as to what could be the cause of the other home network gateway showing up in our home network?:confused:


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Is any of this network wireless?

Any chance you could attach a snipping tool picture of the Network and sharing center page and use Paint if necessary to clean up any personal data?

Did you try to get a full map on the top right of the Network and Sharing Center dialog window?

Saltgrass, I received a message from IP tech stating that sometimes a router with a strong signal can show up in another network screen. However, he stated since I am using a strong encryptation key and and have mac filtering applied to only allow our two laptops and the Wii acccess to the wireless portion of our network we should not have a problem.

I hope he is not trying to snow me as i have no expertise in this field.


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Well, if it is a WiFi situation, you can try changing the channel to see if the other network drops out. But I do not have the experience to be able to judge what you were told.

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