Getting a keyboard layout I don't even have in the control panel


I'm using two keyboard layouts: Colemak and a Russian one, and those are the only 2 layouts I selected in the control panel. When I play StarCraft 2, sometimes, suddenly and without any kind of warning, my keyboard layout changes to regular English Qwerty. Pressing Alt+Shift switches between Qwerty and the Russian one. I haven't used Qwerty (or even had it in the control panel) for weeks! Why is Windows doing this to me?


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Probably a Game issue. I'd check the settings there.

No, it's not a game issue. I'm 99.99% sure it's a Windows issue.


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Playing a game, it's the game that rules - Windows is sort of in the background. You could find some hints in

Possibly, you have a lack in the language file. Has it ever played well? If you have the proper language files, all is installed properly, there is no need for Windows to interfere.

Best of all.

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