Windows 7 Graphics Corruption


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Whenever I boot up windows 7 with both my monitors connected I get a corrupted screen on my main monitor, my other monitor works fine. My main monitor shows blue and white lines that flash, this changes depending what is on the screen. Windows logs in and I can see that mouse on my second monitor. I messed around with the screen resolution (I managed to get the screen resolution window on to the second monitor) for a while but changing it did not change anything.

After that I changed my main display to 16bit and and the screen started working! I changed it back to 32 and it continued working absolutly fine. When my main monitor is showing the corrupted screen I can printscreen and see my whole dekstop perfectly. I am very confused about what is going on. I have swapped round what port each monitor is connected to and the same thing happens. I get the same problem when trying to play games and can get out of by changing to 16 bit and back again.

I have been using both monitors on XP for almost 18 months with no problems. My graphics card is a 7900gs, my main monitor is a 22" LG LCD running at 1680x1050 and my secondary monitor is a Samsung 15" LCD running at 1024x768. i can try to get a picture of what happens if anyone wants to see. Anyone having this problem or know a way to fix it? I am having problems also with aero crashed, see my post desktop window manager craashing.

I am having the exact same problem. I have a XFX Gefore 7900 GT, Ive tried several drivers now with no luck... The oddest part is that I can use both monitors independently, or as "Cloned" but extended display will not work.
video corruption

I have a Evga Geforce 7900 GT KO driving one display. Whenever I open a new IE window the screen turns into horizontal lines that slant up from right to left. (Like an old TV with no horizontal hold) The screen will stay like this for about 30 seconds and then the display is correct. The same thing will happen when I open some application that I have not used during the same session. I am using Windows 7 build 7000 along with the Windows update nvidia driver that comes from MS when I use windows update.
Having the same issue

I have an EVGA 7900 and a Samsung 22" LCD. I have had the same issue, I just installed the latest driver from Nvidia and it does not change anything. I have had the issue when trying to open a photo, when trying to set a screensaver and when trying to open a program that I had not run before and when booting up once. What I have noticed is that if I let the computer sit for about 1 minute, it come right back with the program open that I was trying to run and it then runs fine.
I have not had a chance to tweak the display settings but I will have to do it.
To me, I would think its something to do with the 7900, since everyone who posted here has one, but I have not checked around much yet.
I may try switching back to my onboard video to test.
My motherboard is an N-force board with an onboard Nvidia card. Does anyone else have onboard video as well?
It seems from what I am reading that you need to underclock or overclock the memory timings on the card. From what I read either way works, but the default 750 does not work right.
Help! I am having the exact same issues with my Geforce 7900GT, did anyone find a solution to the horizontal line problem?!?!?