Windows 7 gupdate service/ auto (delayed) start


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I ran across an issue when I booted my computer this morning. One of the tray icons was missing that usually shows and my cursor was spinning non-stop. Not to mention nothing else worked. It was frozen, so I pressed the power button and restarted it that way,Normal, not in safe mode.
I'm sending 2 Snips to show you what I think was the reason for this. gupdate is set for Auto(Delayed) start in services. When I went in there and looked gupdate was no started at either time. The first time 9:35:58am was when this whole mess started. I just happened to go back an hour later to look in Event Viewer and it was listed again and still not started with the same explanation.
Would this have caused this freeze or crash and is there anything that can be done to rectify this deal? I know some people disable gupdate and everything to do with it but I do not want to get into this. Service1.PNGservice2.PNG
So, have you allowed the Google Update service to run, and are aware of what it is?

It might start to update and then shutdown later when finished. The Event Viewer Info entries may not mean that much.

I would probably use the Google app that install the updater to turn it off, or try setting it to disabled or manual start in Services, or use msconfig.exe to stop it from starting, for testing. Some of those things have to wait for the Network to be configured before they can call home.

I do not have the service.....
Lucky you not having the Google service. I have 2 of them so they must really hate me. Why they find it in their hearts to give me 2 update(r) services is beyond me. I uninstalled Office 2010 to see if it was something to do with that and it appears that could have been the culprit, although I still don't know why for sure. I reinstalled 2007 (Office) and now everything seems to be running fine again. At least according to EventViewer and the way everything is running in my system in real time. I personally despise a lot of Hiccups in Windows. Thanks for your time my friend and we'll count this thread as solved.
With Office 2010 along with it's updates, it added a feature to allow it to sync, which I believe to be the problem. Since you went back to Office 2007 which doesn't have that seems to confirm my theory...albeit, it's just a theory I have.

Do you have a Google gmail account and added it to Outlook by chance?
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I remember seeing the prompt about "2010 wanting to sync" I clicked yes of course so you are probably right. I like Office 2010, it's just a little cluttered for me and it was only a trial, so no harm, no foul.
Honestly, I prefer Office 2010 vs 2007. I love the ribbon on all the apps, much easier to navigate for me. As far as Office 2013...I do not like it at I'm sticking with Office 2010 until something better comes along. On my older systems and the wife's laptop, those are still using Office 2007 H&S.
You asked me above if I had a Gmail account and if I added it to Outlook. I do have a Gmail acct. but I added it with the Hotmail account which is now and I get my Gmail and hotmail in Outlook by means of the Outlook connector. I also have a local webmail account provided by my ISP. All 3 are functional in Outlook by the Outlook connector. Do you think I should break them down and add them to Outlook individually. I would only add Gmail because I don't use the webmail address that often. If I did choose to do that would you add it POP3 or IMAP and why would you choose one or the other?