Windows 10 Had windows 8 before, and now I have to downgrade to 7?!

Hello. I'm new to posting / Threading or however you call it. This is a strange thing that happened to me. I downloaded Windows 10. Because I made a reservation. But I don't like Windows 10, because I can't open some programs, or they don't work. So, I looked up how to downgrade to my older version of windows, and I did that. But when I did, it didn't say: "Go to make a Back-up and put back (Windows 7) ((OR however it is in English, because I don't have my settings on English...)) ". But the weird thing that I noticed, was that I did not have Windows 7 before. I had Windows 8 before. And people might think like: "Maybe he did his windows illegal!" But no, I didn't. If anyone could help me, thanks. And again, I'm not good in making Threads.


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If you have a laptop, does it have a recovery partition?
If you have a PC do you have Windows 8 install media of some kind.

What software are you having problems with in Windows 10?

I haven't had problems running anything even my old stuff seems to work fine.

Maybe someone can help you solve your problems with 10.



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I'm not sure I understand the issue. The Win 10 rollback feature does not install a different OS, it only restores the OS you had before the upgrade. The previous OS is saved in a folder named Windows.old.

Are you saying you did the rollback and wound up with Win 7? I don't see how that is possible.

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