Windows 7 Hard drive space being eaten away...


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I have an external hard drive that I'm downloading a bunch of media onto, and my main PC hard drive is supposed to have 321 GB of free space, but ever since I've been downloading all kinds of stuff onto my external HD my main HD is filling up really quick even though I'm not downloading anything onto it. I'm down to 186 GB of free space, from 321, in just two days. Anyone know what the heck is going on? Are the files being temporarily stored on my main HD? If so how do I get rid of all of them so I can get back my GBs of space?
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Depends on what you're downloading and where from. It may be that temporary files are being created. Try running ccleaner to clean up any junk files, free from here:

CCleaner - Standard
I figured out what I was doing wrong, I was downloading stuff to my firefox downloads and then moving them from there to my external HD, so now I'm just downloading directly to my external HD and my main drive is holding steady. I ran disk cleanup, cleared out my cookies and temporary internet files, defraged my main drive but only recovered about 15 GBs back. So those files were being stored somewhere on my main drive, I just have to figure out where they're hiding.