Windows 10 hdd assigned another letter, pc not working

Frederik Rahbek

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So i connected an old hdd to my pc, which changed my hdd drive letter to E instead of D. I could not open some folders in the old hdd because of permission issues. Then i tried to get admin privileges but it wouldn't let me. It started freezing and turned out as a error when i tried to change it.

Then i took it out, but now my original hdd letter is changed, and all shortcuts and some programs won't work. I know i can go into disk manager and change this but it i can't access disk manager, neither task manager. I'm administrator on my user, so it's very strange.
So yeah can't use my almost anything because it says the location is not right, and i can't change it because it won't let me open disk manager

Any help is very welcome


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Do you get any message when you right click on the start button and select "Disk Management"?
Anything that suggest why you can't access it?

Not sure this makes a difference in this case, but are you logged into your Microsoft account?
There seem to be a lot of things that are blocked if you're not.



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Is there an error message when you try to access disk management? I don't use a MS account for anything and I can access everything just fine.
You can navigate to C:\Windows\System32\en-US\ and launch disk management manually by locating and double clicking diskmgmt.msc