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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by MasterDanman, Aug 19, 2015.

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    I need help! So my windows 7 is missing vital system files and when I try to bot into it it either says BOOTMGR IS MISSING even though it is not. I have tried everything. Boot I got from installation disk and trying boot repair doesn't work. Command prompt works but all the command to fix it fail to complete. I have tried sfc /scannow , chkdsk and fixing scan now with dism and a lot of other stuff. With sfc I get that it needs pending reboot and when I reboot I gat same message. when I try to boot into windows I get windows failed to start blah blah blah and error code 0xc000000f with info a required device isn't connected or could not be found I deleted reboot.xml to try to get sfc working with no success . Before deletion of reboot it said same error but missing clfs.sys file. Clfs file is present. I don't want to reinstall. I can't do in place install because I can't boot to desk top. I Am dual booting win7 and 10. Trying to get out of windows pe and boot into win 10 but that's a whole other story. If I want to within an hour I could have fresh win 10 installed but even if I do how can it help mywin7 install. Can I do remote cmd? Please help!
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    You could try booting into the advanced boot options (same place as safe mode) and trying 'last known good configuration' but to be honest it sounds like a re-install is on the cards.

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