HELP! Installed New Wifi Bluetooth combo card

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by AT99Scorpion, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Dec 31, 2011
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    Hello everyone.

    I bought a Broadcom Wifi Bluetooth combo card off of ebay. It's PCIe interface, and I installed it and everything works. I have 1 issue though, the drivers for it are all installed, but the bluetooth will not detect anything I want to connect to it.

    I do have the drivers installed on the machine for the bluetooth. But now there's other crap popping up, but it was from my older bluetooth USB dongle that I use to have.

    I am VERY confused, and I'm tech savvy so I think there may be some software issue, where the command for the bluetooth module isn't turned on.

    Broadcom Bluetooth wifi bluetooth combo -
    [h=1]HP Broadcom Half BCM4313 802.11n wifi Bluetooth 2.1 BCM94313HMGB 600370-001 card[/h]Help please, I'll give rep.
    bluetooth.PNG Bluetooth 2.PNG
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    Try cleaning up from your old one first. Does it still appear in device manager? Run a registry cleaner (something like the one in cleaner). Is it the new bluetooth device shown as not working in device manager?
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    Did you remove all devices from the earlier install?

    As Pat says, you do show devices not yet with drivers, so you may need to get that straightened out.

    On the top of your attachment for Bluetooth Radios, you show the Broadcom Bluetooth deactivated and the Generic one working. You probably need to uninstall the Generic version. The Windows Enumerator needs to stay.

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