Help please: no Hybrid Sleep Option?

(I have Windows 7 Home Premium on a desktop pc)

I have been into ...
Power Options
Change Plan Settings
Change Advanced Power Settings
and when I expand Sleep there is no Hybrid Sleep option.

I have been investigating which is best from Sleep, Hibernate etc and think Hybrid Sleep might be the best option but am frustrated that it is not available.

Any help most gratefully received


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You might try opening an Administrative command prompt and entering the following command. It should show you if your system has that sleep state available.

powercfg /a

If you want to see the options available with the powercfg command, use powercfg /help.

I apologize but I am techy-dim and do not know how to open an Administrative command prompt


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See later post for Windows 7

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Thankyou - I did that and it flashed a black page but it vanished almost instantly.

If I fail to find Hybrid Sleep would you recommend Sleep or Hybernate as kindest to my (aging) pc?


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Sorry, I confused which forum you were in. You can start the Admin command prompt from the programs listing using Command Prompt and right clicking and select Run as Admin. Or use the Winkey+R to open a run box, type cmd and hit CTRL+Shift+Enter.

If the /a does not work, try -a instead. It may be different for Windows 7 but I can't check right now.

With thanks, have done that and it tells me hybrid Sleep is not available. So, which do you think I should use ..... Sleep or Hibernate?


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I would not normally recommend hibernating a Desktop PC, so Sleep would be your best option.

Thankyou for your help :)


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I just found out today a sleep option may be related to the Video Card driver. So if there is a new one, you might try installing it.

In addition, the Powercfg utility has a /SETACVALUEINDEX option which is supposed to add an option if the driver supports it and the option is not showing.

To get a sample command type:


In an Administrative command prompt window.

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