Help with getting my computer to show two displays

I am looking for a way to get my HP pavilion a1700n computer to show two displays one of course on the monitor that it is hooked up to and my tv which I can only go HDMI or componets

my specs for the computer is here

plus I have a wifi adaptor connected for internet. Any help is appreciated and I am trying to avoid a media streamer to display from my computer to tv

I thought of using a vga y splitter and a hdmi to vga cable I don't care if this isn't in 1080 as long as I can get it to the pc to the tv this can anyone give insight on my problem and how I can do this


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I was unable to see the Asus Motherboard manual, but your specs show only a VGA out connection. Is that the case or do you have an HDMI or some other type of video out?

If all you have is VGA, you don't seem to have much choice as to how you connect it to a HDMI only capable device. And as you mention, the resolution will be reduced, but all you can do it try it. The picture may not be very good....

Ya there is only one vga out on the back of the tower thats where I was going to put the dual vga y splitter so I can get a connection back to my monitor then the other I would attach a vga to hdmi to go to the back of the tv I tried to think of something else but I couldn't but I looked into like chromecast could I use something like that then


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VGA to HDMI will never work unless there is a "signal generator" in between. And that will be a more expensive type of an adapter .There is no way an analog signal can be converted to digital just by using VGA to HDMI cable. It should actually be used in reverse ... HDMI to VGA and never the other way around. You should just get an inexpensive dual monitor capable graphics card (but watch out for your power supply).

Chromecast will also work, but I would rather get the Roku stick that comes with remote control.

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Ya but as stated I am not looking for it to be 1080 as long as the picture gets from the computer to the tv.....

but is there anything wifi I could buy to get what I want to do like chrome cast,widi,push2tv to get it wirelessly or a Wi-Fi receiver


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I don't trust the looks of it but for $17, I don't think it can do damage to your wallet. There are more negative than positive reviews about it on amazon and

but thats the same as a roku stick right same idea I want it to display my whole desktop on the tv I have xbmc on the pc and 22 compared to a 42 inch screen well ya I want it on the bigger screen lol

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It's the same idea alright. Roku is Roku. And that one is a generic product with negative reviews. I am totally with you if you wanna try it. But read product reviews and not just specs.


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