help with internet. internet exist but cant connect thru LINKSYS WRT54G

i just change my router to my old linksys router WRT54G. but d problem is it cannot giv me internet connection on my pc (thru LAN wire) and my laptop (thru WIRELESS). when i troubleshoot in on windows (mine is WIN 7 x64) it says DNS server isnt responding. router is working well, i can get signal n connect mif my laptop, its just that inter connection is not there. i tried dns flushing, n ipv4 auto configuring but it doesnt help. i can connect directly wif internet directly from d modem, bt not if i connect d modem connection to d router first, then to my pc. can anybody help? mod mayb?


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You may have to reboot your modem, check the back there should be a small hole on the back. Use a paper clip to press the hidden button, keep the button pressed for al least 15 seconds. The modem should reset and pull a new IP from your ISP provider.
Many ISP's require the MAC of any new device you connet to the modem this is done by reseting the modem.


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Good advice from helpifIcan (rebooting your entire network, including PC, Router and ISP provided device)
I actually had one of those routers and ultimately determined that the WAN port went intermittent and would not reliably connect to the internet or forward DNS queries for FQDN resolution.
If both (all) computers connected to and using the router are experiencing the same issue and you have tried the network reboot as suggested by helpifIcan then you may have a similar issue with that router.
Have you checked with Linksys to see if they have a firmware update specific to that model and Revision number?

hello good samaritans! thnk u fr responding for my thread guys, appreciate it, i guess i can rely on this forum from now on, i got thru wif my router thru resetting it back to its factory default setting on my routers page, haha thnks anyway guys!!

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