Windows 10 Hirens with Eufi & GPT not working

Hi, my first post. Plus first time I have had a new win10 system fail with probably a hdd failure, so lots of learning new stuff etc regarding the manipulating EUFI options, GPT options etc.

Anyway to cut to the quick, I have an old version of Hirens on flash drive, and the latest version on a disk. I changed the EUFI in the Asus AIO from secure boot, and changed the 1st boot drive as necessary, and was able to boot from the flash/disk. However as soon as control was passed from Eufi to loading win xp in hirens, the power to USB devices was lost, so had no ability to use Hirens. This doesnt happen with traditional BIOS/MBR setups so was wondering what the issue might be and how to fix it; I guess with EUFI/GPT becoming the norm we will need a version of Hirens that works "out-of-the-box" so to speak

Anyone got a simple solution to this?


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To be clear UEFI is the replacement for BIOS. Both of these are the firmware on the computer. MBR and GPT are partition tables with MBR doubling as the first stage boot loader. In a UEFI system the boot loader is contained in a .EFI file. I believe I had this working before but I never documented the process. When I get home I will see if I can reproduce my work and let you know.

Hi, and thanks for yr interest.............

I'm guessing, but in modern BIOS/EUFI, during boot, the BIOS/EUFI provides USB capability to allow use of USB keyboard/mouse; at some point , I guess when the control is passed over to the OS, there is a temporary loss of any USB use, until the OS picks up and provides the interface for USB.

However when I was trying to use Hirens to load mini-xp on an Asus PC I was able to load mini-xp but there was no USB functionality; never experienced this with standard BIOS systems

From your answer, running from a Hirens disk, there will be no EFI partition, which would also be true where the hdd is awol? So does this mean Hirens needs modification to work on EUFI/GPT systems? However thinking about it, if one doesn't have a GPT disk, there will be no EFI partition and this works fine, so???

I have solved the probs with the Asus pc, (new hdd), but am interested in the issue in future with EUFI systems (unless unique to this Asus system)

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