Home network problem

Would like to find out why I cannot see a hard drive on another computer on my home network.

Here is the background. I took and put a SSD as C: drive on a HP Pavilion and put that HD (ST750LM022 HN-M7) into the CD drive bay which makes the HD drive D:. Did the share of that drive, right click on D:, Share with>Advance sharing> Advance Sharing>Permissions>Everyone.

In the box Permissions for Everyone, checked all boxes.

Went to my main desktop (Gigabyte) & opened Windows Explorer. Can see 4 computers that are on, Gigabyte, Basement, Lenovo and the Pavilion. Click on Pavilion and I see D: & Users. Click on D: and get Network Error box, Windows cannot access \\Pavilion-pc\d You do not have permissions to access \\Pavilion-pc\d. Contact your network administrator to request access. I am network administrator but do not know how to fix this.

Another thing I did was go to “Basement” computer & opened Windows Explorer. Clicked on Pavilion and it shows D:. Click on D: and I can see what is on that drive. Can open any file like a Word doc.

Gigabyte is running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

Lenovo is running Windows 7 Home. When I open Windows Explorer I see the 4 computers. Click on Pavilion and get the same as the Gigabyte. Cannot see what is on D:.

Basement is running Windows 8.1

Pavilion is running Windows 8.1

Is this a Windows 7 not wanting to see a Windows 8.1 problem? How can it be fixed.
Thank you for the help.

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