How About Sata Boot Sequence?


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I have this computer, happens to be winXP but that may not be important.

Now I understand SATA drives boot in sequence from No. 1.

So if you had four boot drives the one it would boot from would be SATA port No. 1. Right?

But when I put an extra drive into this computer today it didn't. It continued to boot from SATA3, I think it was.

I only thought of it after I"d done this and took a look to see what was what. That's when I discovered I had put the extra drive into SATA 1. It should have booted from it. Or at least attempted to. Shouldn't it?

The board is an ASUS A8NSLI Pro.


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If you look in the Boot options area of the Bios you'll find or should find options to change the boot order. Basically this determines which drive the pc goes to first to find the os and is usually your C drive.


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Nope! Wrong, Sata Drives just like IDE drives start at SATA0, not SATA1. Works like this for IDE, SCSI, EIDE, etc.