Windows 7 How can i add another OS and hide the current?

Hi again..

Here's another possibility.

If you really don't want to see the OS at all then the best bet might be to run it from a USB drive.

Check out this article, it gives you step by step instructions.

I might try this myself, It would be nice to have a backup Windows install.

How to Install and Run Windows 7 from USB Flash Drive

I guess you just plug in the USB drive when you want to boot to the hidden OS.

I have to admit I've never tried this but the article says it works, and my new computer came with a bootable USB drive to run a restore procedure.

My disk-on-key drive i take it with me as keychain.
And same as i can lose this keychain i can also lose this usb.
So i don't want to take risk with this windows with my private stuff just wanted in someway to hide the default os as i've done
He is already 90% hidden thanks to you guys just in the startup advanced properties it can be seen that there are 2 os installed.
i wanted to know if like as i've hided the partition with idoo is there any second way also to hide the default os
So nobody but me will know there is another os installed
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