How can I create a home wifi with WEP encryption?

How can I create a home wifi with WEP encryption? Do I need to buy new one?My router is too old to provide good service.Do you have any ideas of good router? My friend recomment this software to me" My WIFI Router ". How do you think about this software?


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Ohhhh.... I don't know..... I don't think I like it.
I wonder..... what do you think?

I try not to think about gives me a headache.


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Well using WEP is like inviting people to hack your router!


HelpifIcan....this guy is a spammer.....a one post and run. The content of all of his/her post is the same crap about the software "wifi router". Me and Trouble are just trying to expose this spammer for what he/she is. The powers that be on this forum don't seem to care much about it. If fact I was told by the site owner not to worry about it....

I say "let the spammers have at it".....


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Got it sorry.

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