How do i restore from a external Hard rive in windows 8.1


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I followed lots of instructions, none work, I saved the image files to a external hard drive, I see no way to choose that anywhere in the restore settings, ive tried all of them. One suggests a driver then gives a massive list of folders of which none seem to have a driver.

I don't seem to have a original disk to launch from. I backed up to the external NOT discs as that would have taken many many of them. How can I restore from theimage files in 8.1


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Hi Epic, could you give me some more information? Are you trying to restore the OS from the external HDD or only files and which files if so? Is it .jpg?


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When you saved the image to your external hard drive the program you used to do this was able to see the hard drive in order to save to it. If you use the same program to restore the image then it should still be able to see the hard drive. Are you using the same program to restore as you did to save? If you are then why can the program no longer see the hard drive to restore from? Could the external hard drive have developed a fault so that it cannot communicate with the computer? Using File Explorer can you see the external hard drive and image files on it? If you can see it then it will be OK. This begs the question "Why can't your restore program see it?". It may be a USB port fault so have you tried plugging your external HD into a different USB port? Is the USB cable fully plugged in at each end?

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