Windows 8 How do I revert back to win7


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Hi all

I have found that win8 does not work for me so want to revert back to win7, how do I do that.

I have tried booting to my win7 install disk but it just hangs there failing to load, I can do it via the setup file on the disk when running win8 but that does not give me an option for a clean install, I want to be able to format the disk to give a fresh clean win7 install, how do I do this. Or is it no longer possible.


Shouldn't be a problem. Is the Win 7 disk you're trying to instal from a retail bootable installation disk? If so, have you tried booting from it on another pc to confirm the disk is good?
It is possible, but if you're hoping to revert back to your original Windows 7 from an upgrade to Windows 8, that, as far as I know is no longer possible for Windows 8. But unfortunately if you can't boot with your installation disk you're not going anywhere. Are you sure the disk is not damaged and that it's good still? Is your install disk retail?