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Windows 8 How do you create a system recovery "Disk" in Windows 8.


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May 25, 2009

I decided that I should, create a System Recovery DVD for my new computer.
However when I try and do it I only get the option to create a recovery USB Drive.

I did that but I'd still like to make a DVD disk.

Anyone know how you do this?

Ps. I see that my system recovery USB drive has an empty folder called Sources.
If I was to place a backup of my C:\ drive in that folder would it be automatically accessible and usable from the DVD drive?

Hmmm, I can't seem to find a way to use Windows to create a backup of my C:\ drive either.

I never tried to do any of this stuff when I was running the beta versions.

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Hey Mike:
My guess is that it would be here,
Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows 7 File Recovery
Create a system image
Tick the Radio Button that says "On one or more DVDs
Select your DVD burner from the drop down.
But I'm thinking you probably have been there and done that, so what's up?

Thanks Randy, I like to have a lot of backup options.
Hopefully if I ever need it one of them will work.

I added some more questions while you were answering but maybe I'll find all my answers where you suggested.

Funny that they still call it Windows "7" File Recovery.

Thanks this looks like what I'm looking for.
I'd like to have a complete backup of the C:\ drive on DVDs just in case.

Makes sense.
Let me know how it goes. I'd be interested in hearing if this is a viable technique and method.
I moved to Acronis 2013 for Windows 8 and while I don't like having the program installed locally, I just built the boot media and uninstalled the program and used the cleanup utility to get rid of the remnants and do everything offline by booting to the CD. Images, file backups and recoveries seem to work very well.