Windows 8 How do you make a screen shot of the Start Page?


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I know there must be a way but I can't do it with Snip, Fraps, or Print Screen.
None of them will work on the start screen.

I wanted to show that I haven't completely ignored my start menu. LOL

I think I asked this before and got an answer but I looked through my old posts and can't find it.

How do you do it?

I would imagine their are several options, Mike. But, the problem is that the full screen needs to be scrolled sideways. There may be a screen copying program that can do this.
What I did was shrunk the Metro with the minus icon and then made a straightforward Prntscrn. This truncates any text but gives a good representation of your particular set up.
My second choice was to take two picture. I actually did mine with a time delay on a program called "Snagit", and stitch then together with a graphics program - Paint is good enough.
But after a little hit and miss, I took a Prntscrn of each end (My Metro screen could be taken in two swoops) I then pasted both into "Paint" and stitched them. The I made a further "Snip" of the whole thing. This is my amateur result:

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I use that feature a lot especially in answering posts that need screenshots of this and that etc.. Not tried it whilst playing any games yet though (printscreen would never work like that so not sure this feature will)
I just tested gaming wise using a Windows 8 Backgammon app and Crysis 2. I got a screenshot of the Backgammon game but not of Crysis 2... Oh well..
I didn't get any further than when I tried it in the previous thread. It only captured the portion of the screen which was actually on the monitor. I see from that thread, though, that Mike was successful!! wierd.

Well I finally found that it was making a screen shot when I hit the print screen button.
I just wasn't looking in the correct place for them.

I put the pieces together in Photoshop.

Start Page.jpg


I put the pieces together in Photoshop!

I don't think that Print Screen will work in any 3D games.
I use Fraps for that, but it wouldn't take an image of the Start Page.

For everything else except games I use the Snipping Tool.
But if you click on it in the Start Page the it drops out to the Desktop.

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