How Good Is Windows Restore?

The current version of my fingerprint scanner doesn't work with Firefox, and I want to install a different version. It will be a messy operation, and I want to be sure that I can return to the current setup if things don't work with different version.

Can I be confident that I can restore things to the current state if all hell breaks loose?

One reason I ask is that on my old XP machine, I got some malware, and restoring to an earlier point did not get rid of it.



Restoring Windows just deals with the Windows files, it doesn't affect any other software, including malware that is not embedded in or replacing a system file (the installation information in the registry will be lost for anything installed after the restore point was created, and that software would need to be reinstalled; not an issue if you create the restore point immediately before installing the new scanner). If the new scanner is from a known reputable source (both the developer and the place where you get it), malware should not be a problem. The risk would be in downloading some unknown software to replace what you have.

Fingerprint scanners are typically "system" devices, not browser devices. If your current one works on your computer but not with Firefox, there is a good chance that the issue isn't the scanner. Before you change it, research it to find out whether there is a known problem with Firefox and fingerprint scanners in general, and what other people have successfully used. There might be a Firefox add-on for interfacing with fingerprint scanners (accepting input into Firefox from an alternate input device).


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Can I be confident that I can restore things to the current state if all hell breaks loose?
The short answer is no… system restore is not designed to make an exact image and therefore wouldn't be reliable in that scenario.

There are ghosting software out there which is designed for exact images & Acronis would be what I would use but Fixer1234 makes a valid argument for trying this after doing your research.


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You don't need to do system restore. Revo uninstaller will do the job.

Or if you are having issues with Firefox, try Google Chrome and see if that resolves your issue with your scanner.

Trying the scanner with another browser is a good, simple test. If you don't have Chrome installed, you can test with Internet Explorer without even having to install another browser. I don't like IE to use as a browser, but it is generally pretty compatible with stuff (third parties make sure their products work with it), and it usually makes a good test for compatibility issues.

You would maybe have much better luck w/ things, not just this, running IE11... it plays well w/ others. But, as someone else mentioned... having a hard time to see a tie between a fingerprint reader & a browser.

Maybe uninstall & re-install the scanner's software, if it has any; might need Compatibility settings to make it take w/ Win8.1



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I've used EaseUSA ToDo back up and Paragon Backup and Restore recently and they both worked fine.
I like ToDo because it is so simple.

There aren't a lot of options, it's basically, What do you want to backup?
And Where do you want to put it?

Click to do it!

And restoring is just as simple.

Takes a while though.


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