How much longer can Microsoft keep quiet about Windows 7?


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So, how much longer do you think microsoft will be able to keep quiet about Windows 7? It's been well over a year since the launch of Windows Vista, and at this time from the launch of Windows XP, Microsoft was talking quite a bit about Longhorn.

I sure hope the start talking soon, so that we have something to talk about here.

Nothing till the first leaked beta on pirate bay...


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Well, I'm pretty sure that Win 7 M2 is out, but it's not leaked yet, not even photos, so seems like they are hiding it pretty well.

Well kinda.........there making move like Apple, now they are pretty quite about Windows 7 and they are very careful; Microsoft just giving us idea about Windows 7, we all know about it's MinWin kernel and new multi-touch capability...probably the features like WinFS & some canceled features in early Longhorn might include in Windows 7...also they must make it more stable and be lighter....we hope :)

MS3 Has been released but only to partners, its not going to be on torrents for a while..
They already have started talking about 7.. What about that DC? didnt they show 7 there?


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Not Much longer cause it is about to go into the first official beta.

I think overall MS is delivering information regarding Windows 7 in a very proper controlled way. There not giving out too much information at once but yet they give out just enough to get ya hyped up and want to know more.. ;)

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