Windows 7 How to change default line spacing in wordpad

Well I'll be danged!

It's been more than 10 years since I started this thread (and it still says new member in my old profile tag). I couldn't log on with the old account so I created a new one to get back to this most important topic. I forgot this whole thread and continued my life, adapting to the situation and just clicked the line spacing settings each time I launch wordpad.

Now, I strangely ended up here again and saw that pnamajck had posted a solution that seemed working with someone. I tried it and yes, indeed it does. The only problem is that now the default font is Courier New (this infact is less of a problem for me so I'm thankful already). If someone knows a trick how to change that, I'll come by 2030 to check again :)

try the following procedure:
  1. open blank new document in wordpad.
  2. go up to the ribbon/sub-menu on top … down-arrow line-spacing: click 1.0 and/or disable "add 10pt space" … whatever your preference.
  3. choose file/save-as and select plain-text (*.txt) instead of rich-text (*.rtf) … remembering to enable "save in this format by default" in the save-window … proceed to save … and close the blank document.
  4. throw away the blank "saved" new file.
you now have your new defaults intact.

next time you open new document in wordpad, the above will be your new defaults. you can underline and bold and italicize to your heart's content … you can paste a pic if you want … you can do anything wordpad supports … this is called "formatting" plain text.

if you wish to save a file and retain the formatting (bold-text, picture, etc) … simply save as *.rtf file. if you have formatting and forget to save as *.rtf file … a pop-up window will appear as a reminder to save as *.rtf file.
FANTASTIC! THANK YOU. (I know you wrote this long ago. But it is still helping people today.)