How to delete Mcafee Vaults folder


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Please do not suggest I contact Mcafee on this, I could have backed up and reinstalled Windows 7 in the time I have already wasted dealing with them. I only have one word for them and it is USELESS. I have a Mcafee vaults folder on my desktop I cannot get rid of. The folder was not installed there by a Mcafee product, I did not have any Mcafee products installed at that time. The folder came to be on my desktop because I made an image of a friends laptop drive that was unbootable. After I made the image and stored it on my current computer, I wiped the drive and did a clean reinstall on the laptop. I then recovered from the image my friends files and folders and put them in a data folder on my desktop, where I did a virus scan. Several items were found and removed, and apparently he had a Mcafee program of some type because in the documents folder there was the vaults folder. Now it is on my desktop and it will not delete. I have taken ownership of the file, allowed my user full accesss, and tried some command line stuff to no avail. So can anyone tell me how to make Windows 7 take control of its files and folders and delete the file I want it to? One clue might be that I thought one time I saw somewhere that I have to get permission from some user , not me, had a big long number like s-2241-22368- or something like that. If anyone could point me in the right direction, my nerves would appreciate it...