Windows 10 How to find what blocks/eats Ctrl+X/C/V keypresses in some processes?



I have tuned Windows 10.1909 x64 Pro with many extensions.
I found problem with using cut, copy and paste by shortcuts Ctrl+X/C/V.
Still is possible to cut, copy and paste only by context menu.
But - not in whole OS - mainly in Explorer and file dialogs and some applications.
Really I'm lost - I installed new extensions, checked them for these shortcuts, but found not any - and really don't know how to find process which eats their functions.
Is any way possible to find process, application or other thing by any process monitor of keypresses or other?
Really don't want to reinstall system - OS was installed from scratch at version 10.1803 and it was lot of work.
Thank you for all suggestions, each word, help, reply, comments and understanding.


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Generally speaking the window with focus will act on the key press unless some process has a a keyboard hook. There's no good way to determine which process is causing the issue save for uninstall each extension and test. Utilities that are for efficiency such as autohotkey or the like would be more likely culprits


I'm using AHK scripting and checked whole working script for these combinations - no one found - and even if there could be one, it will affect whole OS 'cause script I wrote this way.
Uninstalling extensions is like what first and last or any order - I have history of installed applications, but most of software I'm using portable...