How to limit memory for certain program (e.g.chkdsk)?


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Assume I perform a certain program (in background) which acquires a lot of memory.

As an example think of a chkdsk run for an external USB hard disk which uses 6 Gb out of 8 GB physical RAM over a period of hours.

This extra ordinary memory consumption slows down the "normal" usage significantly.

Is there a way to limit the allowed memory usage for a certain program?

In other words: can I tell Win7 to give chkdsk only a maximum of 2 GB for its run?


Hi! @pstein ! Looks like you have been a member here a long time. No one is answering your thread and that always bugs me.:(
This is my best shot. I know no way to limit memory for a certain program and not sure that it would be a good idea
Using all your RAM is not always a bad thing. Here's a good read about RAM from HTG.
HTG Explains: Why It’s Good That Your Computer’s RAM Is Full
While it may seem counterintuitive to those of us who remember our computers always being starved for RAM, high RAM usage means your RAM is being put to good use. Empty RAM is wasted RAM.


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All memory management is handled in the kernel, so no there isn't a good way to limit the memory. You can you the Download Microsoft Application Verifier from Official Microsoft Download Center but it's purpose is for testing applications and you can reduce the heap size. In your example, chkdsk can ony really do it's job when the disk is unmounted and also it should never use that much memory during a run.

Hi @Neemobeer I think that tool is out of date.;)

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