How to make folder text blue like system folders.

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    Hello, and welcome to my first tutorial! Today, I am going to explain how to make folder text blue like "Panther" in your Windows folder.

    Note that you cannot make folders blue directly from the desktop.

    Note that this was tested on Windows 8 only.

    Note that the view type is set to "Details" and "Details pane."

    Here we go.

    First, create a folder. Right click it, and click on "Properties." At the bottom, click on "Advanced..." Then check "Compress contents to save disk space."

    If you have tried to make it blue on the desktop, it failed. You have to make a folder inside of a folder on the desktop.

    If done correctly, you should have the specified folder's text color changed to blue.

    Good day, gents!
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    This is not a tutorial on "How to make folder text blue like system folders" and should not be in the tutorial section unless renamed to something more appropriate, like How to Compress Files or Folders.
    It simply takes advantage of the default behavior of Windows showing compressed NTFS content in colors as depicted in the attachment. Compression.PNG
    It is also important to note that compressing NTFS data can have a performance impact on your Windows system.

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