How to remove user logon screen


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I recently installed Windows 7 home premium upgrade on my laptop. For the first week or so everything seemed to work ok. Then about a week ago the screen began to change to user logon after setting idle for 15 or 20 minutes. I checked my personalization settings and it shows the user logon on resume checked. I tried to uncheck it, but it will not let me change it. Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem? Thank you in advance.


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If you only have one use account go to Control Panel > Power Options, click the require password on logon and select Don't require a password.


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It's always best to do a CLEAN install.
If reghakr's tip doesn't help, I'd be doing a clean install right away (of course you'll have to back-it-up first)


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If you go into power settings, Power options, Edit Plan Settings, there is a Change Advanced Power Settings option. Open that and check settings Password on Wake-up "no". Notice the Change settings that are currently unavailable and click on that.

You could also go Control Panel, Power Options, Require password on wakeup (upper left), Don't require a password.

This is for after wakeup, but see if it helps in your instance.


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If that doesn't work, I have registry script that will automatically log you on.

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