Windows 10 How to stop booting in to Safe Mode

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    I have just upgraded my PC from Windows 8 to Windows 10.

    My antivirus software needed to restart and boot in to Safe Mode.

    But, for years I have used the 4 digit pin login from Win 8,but I cannot remember the normal password.

    Safe Mode ony allows login via the normal password and not the pin, so I nol longer have accessto my PC.

    How can I get the PC to start in normal mode.

    I do not have any install or recovery media.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try accessing via the "hidden admin account."

    Search all apps for cmd, right-click on the Command Prompt result that appears and select Run as administrator there. At the command prompt enter:

    net user administrator /active:yes

    Restart the machine and log on as "Administrator."

    Do all you need to do then disable the administrator account by repeating the above process replacing the word "yes" by "no."
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    Your password may be the same as the one for your Microsoft account if you are logging in with your MS account.

    To stop it from booting into safe mode follow this process, Press...

    Windows Key +R

    In the window type...


    Click OK

    In the screen that opens make sure that Normal Startup is selected in the General Tab.
    Click Apply, and OK,

    It will probably reboot when you exit.

    Caution: It will want a password when you log in and may or may not except your pin number!!!

    Check this out and see if it helps...

    How to Reset Your Forgotten Password in Windows 10

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