How to undelete files "in place"? Recover NTFS entry on the orig.partition?


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Normally if a user accidentially deletes a file and want to recover it then he can take the following steps:

Load one of the many "undelete" tools (like Recuva) and let it detect,analyze and copy the file to another partition.

Now assume that the partition where the deleted files is stored has no traffic (= nothing more is stored there).

So instead of copying the whole file to another partition it should be possible to recover it "in place".
That means a smart undelete-tool should be able just to re-create the previously deleted NTFS entries of the file and the sector chain on the original partition without having to perform a full copy operation..

All information is available.

Unfortunately I did not found such a smart undelete tool .
All of them require a lengthy copy-operation.


Maybe there is such a tool and I miss it.

Can someone give me a recommendation.

Thank you


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All of them require a lengthy copy-operation.
Because those tools assume the data on a drive is more value than the drive itself... back up your data is a very basic mindset and copy the target drive first before doing anything is just logical.

Can someone give me a recommendation.
Data recovery = $... take it to a pro and pay them for the service or put up with the data being missing are your best two options.

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