Windows 10 How Windows saves log in information


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Apr 5, 2022
When I log in to and click on user, my user information appears. I have not requested that to happen. I have tried many ways to stop my log in user information from popping up, but so far nothing has worked. When I contacted Schwab, they told me it was my browser. Well I went so far as to delete all my log in information from chrome, but the issue kept on happening. It happens with ms edge as well. I have deleted cookies. I went on line with a Schwab it tech and he tried about 10-15 new things, but nothing worked. This does not happen on other websites. It also does not happen in Safari when I log in to Schwab on my iPad. Any ideas?
I would go into control panel > credential manager and see if there are any web credentials saved there
The reason I think this is a windows issue is that it does not happen with safari. It is not that big a deal since my password is not saved any where. But the fact that no one seems to know why this is happening is interesting.
Cookies are also browser specific. If there was a "remember me" option a cookie would be saved on the system and used to authenticate you.
Try from an incognito tab. If it does not exhibit the behavior I would still say there is a cookie stored. From most browsers you will have a developer tools option which you would be able to see the cookie and it's values and even delete it from there.
OK. I tried the schwab account with chrome in the last few days, and now the user name does not appear (it did before). It still does with MS Edge. Also since I posted the same thing started happening with my account. My user name would appear in a drop down box labeled "saved data". Same thing now. This user data does not appear with chrome, but it does with ms edge. Guess I'll start using chrome most of the time now.
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