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Oct 31, 2009
So windows 7 has been out for a good while how would you rate it. Do you love it, like it, 50/50, dislike it or wish I never installed it. So far I have had few too no problems with 7 it is so much better than vista I have to say i love it.
It works straight out of the box . Think we tend to forget all the problems that went along with installing other OS . Windows 7 is more or less apart from updates ready to go . No need for tinkering unless you are so inclined ;)
50/50 for me

being an eye candy is not good enough

navigation in general too much splattered all over the place and partly too deep sub-levelled (network management/control panel)..a mouse clickers' heaven for sure!

Floppy drive not working (AMD 770 chipset, Vista same box no issues), my Microsoft 3000 usb keyboard had a bad compatibility issue (no boot menu/USB device problem on startup) which was fixed month later by Gigabyte with a system bios update. Another compatibility issue, never to be fixed, no usb mouse/keyboard power on feature. Especially AMD got a fistful of Win7' driver compatibility issues. I wonder how much longer they are going to survive that deep quagmire.

Win7 a good job? nope, it was a rocky road right from the start
Love it, it is by far the best MS has put out. I have tried em all from 3.0 up to W7, except for Millennium. I personally had no problem with Vista 32 bit. In fact most of the problems I read about on Vista were caused by Operator Error.
I've had very little negative thoughts about Windows 7, so much so that I dropped my multi-boot (xp & vistax64) to go exclusively windows 7 when it went to RTM.
50-50 is the best I can offer. Many frustrations from older OS's have not been addressed and many new frustrations have been added that didn't even exist in (YUCK) Vista. Windows Explorer is just getting more mixed up and disorganized with each new edition since Windows 98. Libraries was supposed to fix the screwed up Vista Windows Explorer, but only added to the disorganization. (Thankfully, Libraries can be disabled.)

What is it with the Microsoft developers' vocabularies? Once upon a time, we had Internet Explorer and Program Manager. Program Manager was -- guess what? -- that was where you managed your programs. That apparently was too simple and too appropriate a name, so they renamed it Windows Explorer so we could all keep it confused with Internet Explorer. Now, with Windows 7 they have come up with a nice unique naming farce called Windows Explorer FAVORITES. Now don't confuse this with Internet Explorer Favorites, which was confusing to begin with, because everybody else called them "Bookmarks". I will not even discuss the joke called "search". It often will not find documents that Windows itself decided where to hide. The ability to disable all multi-user functions would greatly benefit millions of users worldwide who are the sole users of their computers.

Well, these are just a sampling of reasons that while Vista rates a solid "F" as an operating system and XP gets a "C", Windows 7 certainly rates no better than a "C+". Windows 7 gets the "+" because it is the most stable system recently; second only to the rock solid Windows 2000 in stability.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!

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