How would you rate Windows 7


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So far windows 10 has been if or even better for stability than 7.
I beg to differ. Sometimes my laptop disconnects from wifi when it wakes up from sleep, and doesn't show any access points in the connect to list. I have to disable and re-enable the adapter in Network and Sharing Center to fix it. That's just one of many oddities and glitches I deal with on all sorts of Win10 machines. But my Win7 PC is running on a 5 year old install, not slowing down and no glitches or system crashes.

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Hi Everyone...

Just to go by my own experience, while I like Windows 7 better than Windows 10, and having been a beta tester for both, I find Windows 10 to be super stable. I can't remember it ever crashing in its later forms. That wasn't true in the beta days.

I have had issues with browsers and such, but with Windows itself no, it just keep working.

But I'd be glad to go back to Windows 7 if it had the same compatibility and performance that Windows 10 does.
I've done what I can to regain the directness of Windows 7.

Mostly by putting a link to the traditional Control Panel (Yes, so far it's still there) on my Rocket Dock bar.

Instead of going to settings I usually just go to Control Panel and then directly to what I want to do, instead of weaving my way through settings folders of different categories to find it.

Like I said, I was a beta tester for Windows 10, and I still can't find something I want to get to without opening a half a dozen windows.

If you want to find the old Control Panel just type Control, in the search windows on the taskbar and it will show up as an app.

People will remember that my idea of progress is to make things easier to do, and eventually your computer should be as easy to use as your refrigerator. Windows 10 isn't doing that.

I'd love to have an operating system that just ran my installed software and games and did nothing else except maybe tell me the time and date, on other hand Alexa will do that, without even looking at my monitor.

But we have Windows 10 for the foreseeable future, and we will have to get used to it.
The one thing I really appreciate is the fact that it will run almost anything. Even my old games from the 90s.



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For the first time in the history of Windows, I had to reinstall the calculator app. Just wouldn't run all of a sudden. How incompetent do you have to be to screw up something as basic as a calculator app?

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9/10, best Windows version to date.

Only BSODs I had were the result of overclocking and a game utilizing an Intel CPU instruction on an AMD processor that didn't support it, but other than some negligible interface glitches, e.g. desktop icons not retaining their positions between reboots without first pressing F5 or clicking "refresh" in the context menu, it was, and still is, the most reliable and poweruser-friendly Windows OS I've ever used. The flat UI paradigm and Windows settings app are travesties to intuitive interface design. I'd switch to Linux if I wasn't an exclusively PC gamer, and I'm not satisfied with Proton's support.

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50-50 is the best I can offer. Many frustrations from older OS's have not been addressed and many new frustrations have been added that didn't even exist in (YUCK) Vista. Windows Explorer is just getting more mixed up and disorganized with each new edition since Windows 98. Libraries was supposed to fix the screwed up Vista Windows Explorer, but only added to the disorganization. (Thankfully, Libraries can be disabled.)

What is it with the Microsoft developers' vocabularies? Once upon a time, we had Internet Explorer and Program Manager. Program Manager was -- guess what? -- that was where you managed your programs. That apparently was too simple and too appropriate a name, so they renamed it Windows Explorer so we could all keep it confused with Internet Explorer. Now, with Windows 7 they have come up with a nice unique naming farce called Windows Explorer FAVORITES. Now don't confuse this with Internet Explorer Favorites, which was confusing to begin with, because everybody else called them "Bookmarks". I will not even discuss the joke called "search". It often will not find documents that Windows itself decided where to hide. The ability to disable all multi-user functions would greatly benefit millions of users worldwide who are the sole users of their computers.

Well, these are just a sampling of reasons that while Vista rates a solid "F" as an operating system and XP gets a "C", Windows 7 certainly rates no better than a "C+". Windows 7 gets the "+" because it is the most stable system recently; second only to the rock solid Windows 2000 in stability.

That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!
That's a good write up. You are an

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