hpe 235f dual monitor question

I am trying to dual monitor my hpe 235f, it has 3 ports a hdmi, dvi and other. 2 can be used at the same time with the graphics card i have and disables the onboard vga and dvi. Unfortunately the monitor I'm hooking up is older and only has dvi and vga, the current monitor has the same.

Bought a dvi splitter thinking it would work but only displays one image on both screens.
Would gettinger a dvi splitter with a vga and dvi connection work instead? Or what could be other options?

Thank you


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After you physically connected the 2nd monitor you have to set it up properly. To do that you need right click a blank space on the desktop, select screen resolution, then select extend this display.


I know how to extend the screens, change resolution and those things. It's the connection I'm having trouble with.

When i plug both monitors into the dvi splitter I just get a mirror image instead and at 640x480 resolution. No option for extend or change resolution size when they are both hooked up in the options.


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Ahh....misread that....your using a splitter......to split one port into two....got it. That's the problem right there, each monitor has to be on it's own cable and it's own port in order to work correctly.

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