I can't remember the name of a program that I always install on my computer?


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Hi Everyone!

I started this post when I realized (after reading a post from someone who wanted to know how to find the Windows registration number) that I couldn't remember the name of the application I was about to type in another post.

That's one of the joys of being 81 years old. LOL

Halfway through composing this message I remembered that the last word in the name was Advisor.
So I ran a search for "* Advisor" and after browsing through the list I found Belarc Advisor.

That made me wonder how many people use this handy app today?

It is very useful, it tells you practically everything about your computer including the serial numbers of all your software, including Windows, and for me all my Adobe software, etc.

Halfway through writing this I downloaded and installed it, and it's good to see it again.

Anyway, it's an easy way to find out all the details about your computer, it also makes me wonder how easy it is for a hacker to know what's what with your setup.

If Belarc can see all this stuff I have to believe that others can as well.
I've used it for decades and it still works great including telling me I'm missing three security updates.
It also tells me that 2 of the updates are missing because my software is out of date. That would be old Adobe updates for Photoshop CS 4 etc.

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Unauthenticated people wouldn't be able to see a ton, but there are fingerprinting techniques that could allow someone to detect certain pieces of information, nothing as extensive if they had remote or local authenticated access. Plus your router adds a layer of (I wouldn't say security) but more obfuscation that isn't easy to get through.


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That's right, I've had it installed for many years but just realized that I had not installed it on my new computer. It's a quick way to find out pretty much anything about your computer in detail.