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Jan 11, 2009
(Copied verbatim from the MS Technet forum. They don't seem to be quite as on the ball as you all are.)

At first, things seemed great. When it first boots into the OS after installation, Windows 7 runs beautifully. No hiccups, no issues, no complaints. Other than it missing a couple of drivers, everything seems to be working beautifully. Then I reboot. Things get nasty after that.

When going into 7 for the second time after an install, it takes forever to boot, and when it does, it takes forever to open a window. Jumping from one window to another hangs the OS for about a minute before it'll do anything. It isn't thrashing the harddrive, and going to the performance tab in task manager doesn't show anything weird going on at all. In fact, according to it, things look pretty good.

Keep in mind that when I reboot, I'm not making any changes whatsoever. 7 just decides to freak out for reasons unknown. I've already tried to reinstall the OS, and it ended up doing the exact same thing. That makes me think it might be some hardware issue, but if that were the case, why would it work perfectly the first time it boots? Any ideas?

My specs are:

AMD Opteron 185 dual core, socket 939
Asrock DualSata2 motherboard
2Gb DDR400 G-skill
Asus Geforce 8800GTS512
Western Digital 80Gb SATA 3.0 HDD

Not exactly a powerhouse, but still a fairly decent machine.

I could really use the help here. As things are, Win7 isn't good for anything except looking pretty on my monitor. If I can't get this resolved by tomorrow, I'm gonna have to roll back to XP and wait for the next beta rev to arrive, and I don't wanna have to do that unless I absolutely have to.

So...any help would be greatly appreciated.
thats really weird...
I have a lower performance system then you & not having problems like that

when you hit ctrl+alt+del & bring up the task manager..
how much percentage is being used?

sounds like something is making it run boggy

I'll try to help you out with as many solutions as I can find.

everybody as well as I understand that its still in beta..
that doesn't mean that it should be hanging when jumping windows..
& by jumping windows are you reffering to IE windows/tabs (net connection) or windows from win7...such as device manager to control panel..& such./.. (inside microsoft windows)
According to task manager it usually sits around 25% ram used, and 0-20% CPU depending on what I'm doing. Like I said, everything there looks fine, but something is bogging it down severely.

And it isn't just hanging while jumping between windows. The whole system, from moving files, going to a different webpage on the same tab, opening up the start all takes awhile. Just a little while ago, it took me 5 minutes to see the desktop after clicking my name on the login screen.

I'm trying some basic troubleshooting stuff at the moment. Tracking down new drivers, tweaking tweakable things, all that good stuff. But even that's hard to do when it takes about a day short of forever just to bring up the task manager or go to the control panel.

There are a couple more things I can try. They're long shots, but they might do something weird and make everything work for me. In the meantime, I'm all ears if you can think of anything that I might be missing.
It sounds to me like a driver issue.. I notice your running an Nvidia card.. though they do have a Windows 7 driver out now, I've not heard anything about it.. perhaps it's that causing the problem..? I run an ATI card in my main compy and their Windows 7 driver is working flawlessly.. that's why i mention it.. ;) Maybe try using the most recent Windows Vista driver for your gpu instead of the windows 7 one and see if that makes a difference..
I'm a half step ahead of you. Already grabbed the latest Nvidia drivers and am currently in the long slooooow process of installing them. The way things are looking, I probably won't know if that'll do it until tomorrow afternoon sometime.
hmm.. strange it would take that long to install them.. hopefully it works for ya though, then you can start to really enjoy Win 7! ;) Keep us posted.
It was shutting down last time I checked, so we're getting closer! Also, I've found some Vista SATA drivers for my mobo. If the video drivers don't work, I'll give these a roll, and maybe...MAYBE...good things will happen.

Either way, I'm hitting the hay in a few. All this goofing around with a stubborn computer has worn me right the hell out. Depending on how long things take, I'll probably be posting my good/bad news tomorrow morning.

Thanks for the help so far. ;)
No problem, I look forward to reading how you made out, this is a weird issue... hopefully the drivers will resolve it..
No go on the drivers. Thing is still as slow as ever. :(

I think I'm gonna have to roll back to XP for the time being and wait for the next rev. It kinda sucks I to have to do this, but the way things are, I can't even troubleshoot the system without it taking two hours to do the simplest things. I'll keep an eye on things in the meantime. If I see an update or driver that sounds like it might be a fix to my problem, I'll fire 'er up again.

Thanks for the help everyone. I'll be lurking around until I can join in the fun again. :)
I really does sound like a drive issue, have you tried safe mode to see if it still hangs? I would try uninstalling drivers one by one until it jumps to life then at least you'll know which one it is. Just a thought. :rolleyes:
I've tried safe mode. Same issue. And to give you an idea as to why I haven't tried to troubleshoot more than I have, keep in mind it took me close to two hours to install my 5 meg sata drivers. This is including waiting for the folder to open, waiting for the right click menu to pop up (usually about 4 minutes), waiting for each tab to load up so I can set Vista compatibility mode. The simplest things take forever.

So, to actually take the time to work my way into the device manager and then go through each driver one by one to see what works or not would take the patience of about ten saints. Hell, glaciers will probably melt and civilizations will have risen and fallen before I'm even halfway through the list.

I was nigh on ready to uninstall it for XP, when I decided to goof around with my SATA settings inside the bios as one last ditch effort. I'm no longer running SATA2, but Windows 7 is running beautifully.

Now someone tell me why I can't activate my copy. I'm tired of getting Genuine Windows and activation warnings. :p
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