i have broken my new xp computer with network manager

hi there

i dont understand internet terms or networking concepts at all i know how to open a browser and use it though...

i have a modem with 4 plugs and 3 computers 2 xp and 1 windows 7 i have been using 2 on the modem and now i have a new xp maxchine.

all are connected to the modem with one wire

i saw somewhere online that the computers could share the modem if you set up a network on each computer so i did that years ago and they worked fine.

now i added this new xp machine and i ran some network wizard or something trying to remember what i did last time but i must have messed up badly because now theres some kind of internet gateway listed and it says disconnected and my modem is listed as a connection in that window but is say connected but i cant get internet explorer to pull up websites...

can it be fixed?


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I wouldn't even allow the XP computers to connect to the internet. You're just asking for a malware infection. A modem would be the device that connects to your ISPs connection type (usually either a phone line for DSL or coax for broadband) A router is what routes traffic out of your private network to the internet or any other network segment and a switch switches data between ports. Typically in a home network a lot of SOHO devices are a combination of two or more of these. Connection sharing shouldn't really be needed since you can by a router/switch combo for as little as $40.

i have zone alarm fire wall on them and its satisfactory along with spyware blaster no infections so far but that is good advice i cant afford the router and i would be afraid to use it but i agree in principle.

thank you


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Spyware blaster is an on-demand spyware scanner, you should at least consider installing an AV product like Avast Free.

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