Windows 10 I need some help with a hard drive

I am not sure how you post to do this here but the main hard drive is going bad in my computer that has Windows 10 how do you replace a hard drive and keep Windows 10 on the computer


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You would need to clone the system and lay it down on a new hard drive. I believe this is what many site members use. I personally never create system images because I just like starting with a fresh system. Macrium Reflect Free

I am trying make is this above post what I need to do because I like to have more then person answer


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What Neemobeer said would work for you. Though you could and I recommend installing windows freshly onto a new drive. Then move your data from the old drive onto the new one. Downloads etc

Ok but how do install Windows on a new Hard Drive when Windows was pre-installed on the computer and I did upgrade to Windows 10 without any disc at all


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It's complicated; but here's a great video on how to CLONE your old drive onto a brand NEW drive from Britec. They are a big Macrium reseller and that's our number 1 recommended image backup software here as told to you by neemo and nmsuk.
Here's that link:
Watch it a couple of times, all your questions will be answered.

If you still can't figure it out, consider taking your computer and the new hard drive to your Local Computer Pro and pay him to clone it for you.

Good luck,:encouragement:

I have another question would it be better to do this I have a second hard drive in the computer now just move everything to the second one and then after you put the new hard drive you copy everything back from the C drive to the new hard drive

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