Windows 7 Icons from a film ( Die hard 4.0)

Discussion in 'Desktop Customization' started by Rule34, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Aug 4, 2011
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    If you've seen Die Hard 4.0 , I'm sure you will be aware that it has some pretty cool looking OS type visuals used by the bad guys (and bad girl.)

    Right , when hacker "matt ferrell" is chatting to his buddy "warlock" at the start of the film you see him on a Mac. Im not sure what OS he Is running ( *nix distro maybe ? ) but his desktop icons are all messy and look kinda good IMO. (See screen capture below.)


    Anyone know any applications / Reg hacks that would do this on Windows , Id definitely use it as i really hate neat icons on a desktop. Or, is this just a flash animation made specifically for the film ...Hey its Hollywood after all. :eek:

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